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Open Competition Teams

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Competition Cheer Teams


 Competition teams are for the athletes who want to compete! This team does require athletes to tryout.  The team members are required to attend 1 2-3 hour long team practices. Levels Sr/Open Coed Team and Non tumbling. Athletes are urged to take additional classes to improve on skills and technique but not required! 

Ages: 13-Adult  

Commitment: 1-2 Days per Week 

Competitions/Performances: 4+


Monthly Tuition for Cheer Team: $0


Competition Fee season total: $300

(fees will be due bu July 1st and are non refundable. Does not include Nationals) 

-Registration Fee $30 Due upon registration


- Uniform Package: $450

*Returning competitive athlete only need to purchase practice uniforms and crop tops.


*We do not charge parents extra for music, Choreography, or coaches fees!* 

Tryout Information

TBD Contact your location to get additional information!

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