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Intro Cheer Teams



This team is designed for athletes who love to be in front of the crowd without the big competition. This team will perform at two local events. This team will have 1 mandatory practice per week to go over choreography and upcoming performances. The athletes are URGED to take additional general tumbling classes to improve on skills and technique but are not required. This team is a great option for athletes who are new to the sport, or want to try other sports while doing cheerleading!


Ages: 3-12    

Commitment: 1 Day Per Week 1 hour

Performances: 3 


Monthly Tuition: $100 

-Registration Fee $30 

-Uniform Fee: $100 


*We do not charge parents for music, Choreography, or coaches fees!* 



We will still continue our season throughout the pandemic! We have several safety measures in place to keep our athletes safe! Teams may be smaller to ensure social distancing. If in person events are cancelled, they will be replaced with virtual competitions. 

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