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Cheer and Dance Solos

Are you worried about Covid Exposure?  Does your Athlete want to be the star of their routine? We have a solo option for the 2021/22 season! Solo Dancers/Cheerleaders will meet one hour per week to work on routine plus one tumbling/tech class to help the athlete improve on skills. Additional classes are 50% off.


Ages: 5-Adult  

Commitment: 1-2 Days per Week  

Competitions/Performances: 4+


Monthly Tuition for Solo Routine: $200 Due May 20th 2021- May 20th 2022 


Competition Fee season total: $300

(fees will be applied to account 45 days prior to the event. Does not include Nationals) 


Fee Break Down

-Registration Fee $30 Due April 1st 


- Cheer Solo Uniform Package: $840

Performance uniform $400

2 practice uniforms $120

Socks and shoes $150

Warm-ups $150

Bow $20


- Dance Solo Costume Package: $480

Performance Costume $150

2 practice uniforms $120

Performance shoes & Tights $60

Warm Ups $150

Payment plans are available for your season deposit and uniform packages. Parents can begin payment plans as early as January 2021. Final Uniform Payment Due JULY 1st!


*Returning Cheer Competition Athletes only need to purchase practice uniforms $120.


*We do not charge parents for music, Choreography, or coaches fees!* 


We will still continue our season throughout the pandemic! We have several safety measures in place to keep our athletes safe! Teams may be smaller to ensure social distancing. If in person events are cancelled, they will be replaced with virtual competitions. 

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